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tlug: Fear and Loathing

tlug note from Jim Schweizer <>
Hi all,

Just thought this would brighten your day.

I teach part-time at a local private women's college (classes
started today) and had the opportunity to tour their new
computer centers (3). Each room has about 30 laptops - each with
it's own private printer! The guy in charge of setting this up
told the full-time staff (with a straight face) that they could
only use MS IE 3.0 because he didn't want to pay for Netscape
Duh uh.

Then he went on to say that (get this) students and teachers can
only send Email - not receive it because Sendmail only Sends
Mail. Additionally, it would take one full-time staff member to
act as the postmaster and the college doesn't have enough money
for it.

And who, you may ask, is the vendor in this charade? Why, it's
your good friend and providor of network solutions - NEC.

And you thought you had it rough....



ps. No, this isn't a belated April Fool's joke.

Sent by: Jim Schweizer <>
On: 07-Apr-97 at: 11:45:08 JST
Accuracy, n.:
        The vice of being right
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