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RE: tlug: ISDN Card with Linux?

tlug note from =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?= <>
Hello Jim,

>tlug note from Jim Tittsler <>
>Is anyone using an internal ISDN card with their Linux box?
>The ISDN4Linux stuff appears to be rather Euro-centric, and
>I don't see any of the supported cards in Akihabara.

While I4L is euro-centric in sofar that it's been developed
over here, I'm certain that the dev-team will be willing to
help you out wherever possible. While I don't have any firm
information, I believe that it will not be possible to use I4L
"out of the box" in Japan, since you're faced with a slightly
different D-Channel protocol.

There's a bilingual mailing list for ISDN4Linux at While most messages on 
there are in german, discussion in english is also welcome. 
To subscribe, send a message with the text "subscribe 
isdn4linux <your_email>" to 
If you have access to the de.* news hierarchy, this list is also 
gated to de.alt.comm.isdn4linux.

As for the supported cards, there's now a very flexible driver
out that supports most cards using the Siemens HSCX/ISAC 
chip set. If you can find a card using those, chances are good
that you can get the driver fixed for it. However, I've read that
Yamaha is makig ISDN chipsets, too, so I'd suspect that most
cards in Japan will use those instead.

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