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Re: tlug: Netscape 4.0b2

tlug note from Jens Rasmussen <>
   On 04-Mar-97 Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
       Jim> improvement here. I haven't figured out how to clear
       Jim>the cache.  Could it be Netscape only caches the current

   >rm -rf ~/.netscape/cache seems a bit drastic.  Try

   That option no longer exists in 4.0b2 The entire Preferences
   tree has been rewritten. I went all over the toolbar - there are
   no options for clearing memory or the cache.

What about Edit->Preferences, then click on Advanced in the list
titled Category and you'll get two more entries Cache and
Proxies. Click on Cache and you can adjust the size of Memory and Disk

jens. (

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