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Re: tlug: Netscape 4.0b2

tlug note from Jim Schweizer <>

On 04-Mar-97 Jens Rasmussen wrote:
        Jim> improvement here. I haven't figured out how to clear
>       Jim>the cache.  
>   >rm -rf ~/.netscape/cache seems a bit drastic.  Try
>   >Preferences/Network 
>   That option no longer exists in 4.0b2 The entire Preferences
>   tree has been rewritten. 

>What about Edit->Preferences, then
>click on Advanced in the list
>titled Category and you'll get two more entries Cache and
>Proxies. Click on Cache and you can adjust the size of Memory
>and Disk cache.

Hmmm, beta's not showing those options; there's no
Category available. Oh well, it is a beta after all.

Just downloaded the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader for Linux. This
looks interesting. I sniped this out of the readme:

New Features of Acrobat Reader 3.0
Acrobat Reader 3.0 for SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, and IRIX (jim
adds +Linux) can be used as a plug-in with Netscape 3.0 to
display Adobe PDF files inside the Netscape window. This provides
for seemless viewing of PDF and HTML files while surfing the Web.
This also includes page-on-demand downloading and progressive
rendering of page contents of optimized PDF files, making PDF
files fast and easy to view. Also in this release is a new print
dialog, allowing greater flexibility.

I haven't tried to plug it into 4.0b (or 3.0 for that matter..
maybe after the kids go to bed;-)

Sent by: Jim Schweizer <>
On: 04-Mar-97 at: 20:04:46 JST
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