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tlug: SparcLinux Memory

tlug note from Jim Tittsler <>
I have read on the SparcLinux mailing list that Linux *currently* does
not turn on parity checking.  People have reported successfully using
non-parity memory.

I suggest that you get parity RAM just in case you ever want to run that
"other" operating system.  (Or in case SparcLinux changes, since David
Miller did seem to be taking some flack for not turning on parity.) 
Also if I recall correctly, the system actually only uses 1 parity bit
for 32 bits of data... not that it matters at current RAM prices.

I believe for the ELC you need 80nS or better... of course nowadays it
would probably be hard to buy anything slower than 60nS.  :-)

Jim Tittsler, Singapore
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