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Re: tlug: Mucked up my kterm fonts

tlug note from (Jim Breen)
On Feb 26,  4:37pm, "Stephen J. Turnbull" wrote:
} Subject: Re: tlug: Mucked up my kterm fonts
>> --------------------------------------------------------
>> tlug note from "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
>> --------------------------------------------------------

I'll take Stephen and my dialogue on the arcanae of X font servers

Just a couple of points of possibly wider interest:

>> I assume you are referring to the "*fontList*" resources.  These are
>> specifiers for XFontSets.  Basically, an XFontSet contains one font
>> for every character set encoding in the current locale.  You can find
>> out what character sets are requested by looking in
>> /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/<LOCALE>/XLC_LOCALE.  kterm, I believe,
>> hardcodes the locale to ja_JP.EUC, which is translated to "ja" by an
>> alias file.  I imagine that the algorithm works character set by
>> character set on a "first-fit" basis from the list of fonts generated
>> by applying XListFonts() to the mask(s).
>> I note that on my machine, at least, .../ja/XLC_LOCALE does not admit
>> JISX0208.1990 character sets.  The JISX0212.1990 character set
>> information is commented out.  You might want to check and see what
>> your locale database does for this, to avoid future problems.

Ditto here (Monash) and I presume at home with Linux. This didn't seem to
stop me running the patched kterm, or from putting the 1990 fonts in as
the server's defaults.

>> BTW, what version of kterm are you using?

I run "kterm-6.1.0.wd2 Thu Aug  3 20:39:25 1995", with a bug
fix of my own. I was told my fix, including extensions to other codesets,
would go into the official release, so maybe it's in 6.2.0.

The version I use has Shift_JIS deleted as an option. ISO 2022 is the
default coding, and the VT Options are "EUC Kanji/EUC Hanzi/EUC Hangl".
(For the curious, Shift-JIS and EUC-3, i.e. EUC-coded JIS212, cannot
co-exist as they use the same encodings.)

>> What kind of text is this?  I'm not sure I've ever seen a JIS X 212
>> character in the wild, only captive in Ghostscript fonts and the like.

I handle quite a lot, most commonly my KANJD212 file, which is the JIS X
0212 euivalent of KANJIDIC. I have a small EDICTH, which contains EDICT
entries containing JIS212 kanji.


Jim Breen

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