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Re: MD Disks - Re: tlug: Thrashed to death

tlug note from "Andrew S. Howell" <>
>>>>> "John" == John Little <> writes:

    John> --------------------------------------------------------
    John> tlug note from (John Little)
    John> -------------------------------------------------------- % %
    John> This is one of those "don't do this at home stories". I
    John> cobbled % together several 100mb drives and thought that I'd
    John> give the "md" % device a try. John spoke about this during
    John> our Linux on Sparc % meeting. This lets you combine several
    John> drives into on, in various % ways.  %

    John>    ...and I should really have mentioned this, too. I hope
    John> it's not too late for your disks, Andy. To be honest, I
    John> don't know if this already fixed in the 2.0.27 and 2.0.29
    John> kernels.

    John>    I know your particular problem wasn't related to this,
    John> but if your striped disks "go away" after a while, this
    John> could be the solution.

Thanks for the info regarding disk labels. It was not md that got me,
but my disk label did go bye bye. As a precaution, when I re-install
everything, I started the partion from 1, not zero. Don't know if this
is realy required or not, but figured that I could free up on
cylinder's worth of disk space later on, faster than I could
re-install, should disk space become that tight. :)

I'm not sure what I did with the md disks. I'll have to check. I
haven't really used them yet, as it took quite a while to get things
up and going...

Now, where is that dump... :)

I'm wondering if there are not certain situations in which, upon
running out of swap, Linux tromps on your disks. I know something did!

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