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Re: tlug: Lilo Memory

tlug note from "Yuri Anissimov" <>
 I encourage you (and everybody) check

This is one of the best mail-order company and site with short expert
discussion I know
(my know-how (don't tell my boss))

> If you happen to know which chipsets are "bad" in this regard, and
> which ones are "good", I'd like to know as I may be upgrading in the
> next couple of months.

extract is from
' --------------------------------------------------
Cache has to be mapped to cover all of your RAM. That's were the tag chip
comes in. The tag chip determines how
the cache maps to the memory. If you have more than 64MB's and you want to
cache beyond 64MB's you must have
a tag chip that supports this. Most tag chips only allow for caching of the
first 64MB's. Newer versions of cache have
two tag chips and can be jumped to cache either up to 64MB's or RAM or
128MB's of RAM. However, older chip
sets like the Intel Triton-I (430FX) can not support caching above 64MB's.
This is because Intel does not believe PC
users need more than 64MB's of RAM. We encourage you to send you comments
about this to Intel (Hint). Some
newer chip sets like the Intel Triton-II (430HX) support caching more than
64MB's of RAM as long as you have two
tag chips. 
' --------------------------------------------------------
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