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Re: tlug: Lilo Memory

tlug note from "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
>>>>> "Yuri" == Yuri Anissimov <> writes:

    Yuri> Intel is not believing that anybody need and not supporting
    Yuri> properly more than 64Mb on common chipsets.

If you happen to know which chipsets are "bad" in this regard, and
which ones are "good", I'd like to know as I may be upgrading in the
next couple of months.

Sigh.  Didn't they make this mistake a couple of times before?  Who
needs more than 64kB (8080), who needs more than 1MB (8086), who needs
more than 16MB (80286)?  Hmm.  Maybe I was wrong about the need for 64

Inasmuch as lots of people (not to mention servers) are already in the
128MB range, and I know a couple of power buyers (can't call them
power users :->) with 256MB Macs (not a dig at Macs, I know some power
users who are in fact subject to the "Big Mac attack"), this time
maybe they're doing it on purpose.  Although even then you'd think
they'd tell you about it and try to sell you the better chipsets.


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