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Re: tlug: Lilo Memory

tlug note from pal <>
> >>>>> "pal" == pal  <> writes:
>     pal> Hello Stephen I need the full 128MB .  Sorry 64MB is not
>     pal> enough .I'm doing my work on my Linux Machine and BANG out of
>     pal> MEmory ;-<< This is the reason for the 128
> Of course you need it; my sense of humor is not always appropriate.
We'll live with it ;->>

>     pal> I loaded the lilo.conf on my MBR of Hard Disk Could it be a
>     pal> Kernel Problem !!
> Could be, of course.  As far as I know, however, it shouldn't be a
> problem.  My guess is that your BIOS is not reporting available memory
> correctly, and both LILO and the kernel are making mistakes based on
> incorrect value from BIOS.
Mmmmmmmm Just surprised 64MB is recognized

> 1. Does your BIOS know about the 128MB at boot up (ie, in memory test)?
> 2. Presumably Linux asks the CMOS (nonvolatile onboard RAM) about it.
>    Did you change the CMOS values?  (I don't know about PCI, maybe PCI
>    is supposed to autodetect; the machine I have known and loved for
>    years is EISA-based, and you have to run a config program to tell
>    the machine about memory changes and stuff.  At the time this was a
>    big improvement over flipping hardware jumpers which are invariably
>    located on the side of the motherboard which is bonded to the
>    chassis....
>      CMOS menu is usually accessible by pressing DELETE or ESC or
>    something like that during boot-up.  Depends on your BIOS.

> 3. If you boot, say, DOS or Windows 95 can you use the memory?  (Ie,

>    are you sure the hardware is correctly installed?)
Don't use those at all ;->>

> 4. Could there be a hardware conflict with a video card with a linear
>    frame buffer?  Some of those cards want the buffer to live at a
>    certain address, or below a certain address.
Could be it ...maybe an upgrade could be simpler but takes time ;->>

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