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Re: tlug: Lilo Memory

tlug note from "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
>>>>> "pal" == pal  <> writes:

    pal> Hello Stephen I need the full 128MB .  Sorry 64MB is not
    pal> enough .I'm doing my work on my Linux Machine and BANG out of
    pal> MEmory ;-<< This is the reason for the 128

Of course you need it; my sense of humor is not always appropriate.

    pal> I loaded the lilo.conf on my MBR of Hard Disk Could it be a
    pal> Kernel Problem !!

Could be, of course.  As far as I know, however, it shouldn't be a
problem.  My guess is that your BIOS is not reporting available memory 
correctly, and both LILO and the kernel are making mistakes based on
incorrect value from BIOS.

1. Does your BIOS know about the 128MB at boot up (ie, in memory test)?
2. Presumably Linux asks the CMOS (nonvolatile onboard RAM) about it.
   Did you change the CMOS values?  (I don't know about PCI, maybe PCI
   is supposed to autodetect; the machine I have known and loved for
   years is EISA-based, and you have to run a config program to tell
   the machine about memory changes and stuff.  At the time this was a
   big improvement over flipping hardware jumpers which are invariably
   located on the side of the motherboard which is bonded to the
     CMOS menu is usually accessible by pressing DELETE or ESC or
   something like that during boot-up.  Depends on your BIOS.
3. If you boot, say, DOS or Windows 95 can you use the memory?  (Ie,
   are you sure the hardware is correctly installed?)
4. Could there be a hardware conflict with a video card with a linear
   frame buffer?  Some of those cards want the buffer to live at a
   certain address, or below a certain address.

If that doesn't help, maybe JT or one of those guys will have an idea.


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