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Re: tlug: Re: Teknekron

tlug note from "Andrew S. Howell" <>
>>>>> "John" == John Little <> writes:

    John> --------------------------------------------------------
    John> tlug note from (John Little)
    John> -------------------------------------------------------- % %
    John> Andy's company has direct connection capability to the
    John> internet, which my % company (being a bank) doesn't smile
    John> on.  So if it's OK with everyone, I % vote to accept Andy's
    John> offer and have it at Teknekron on Saturday.  It's % close to
    John> Tokyo Station as well.  %

    John>    ...and don't forget to bring your fishing
    John> tackle. Teknekron still has all of those nice aquariums
    John> don't they Andy?  :^>

aquariums ?

    John>    Seriously though, is there any parking available there?
    John> As I recall, Tek isn't really a place I'd want to stop right
    John> outside the front door to unload a car full of computer
    John> gear.

There are some spots just in front of the building, at a parking lot just down
the street. Actualy, the building has a parking ramp, but I'm not sure
if it is for public use or not. I'll check. Anyway, you should be able
to pull up to the front of the building an unload without any problem.


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