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tlug: list admin

tlug note from "C. Oda" <>
I've added a variable to the Subject line of all notes sent to so that the Subject will read 

	TLUG: "whatever the author's subject was"

I've also prepended 

	tlug note from "sender"

to the start of each message.

The purpose of the changed subject line is to help TLUGers identify
a TLUG list message from work related mail by the subject line.

The purpose of the preface is to aid in searches of mail.  I can
preface anything to the beginning of the message, so if there is
some special sequence, let me know.  Also, I have a feeling that
the pre-message identifier is not required and may actually
clutter up the list.  If it does, I'll take it off.

Other list admin stuff:

If you change your e-mail, make sure you unsubscribe from the list
from your old e-mail.  I get error messages sent to me when the
e-mail bounces.

majordomo commands available by e-mail.  Send 



For a listing of TLUG archive articles, send

  index tlug


In particular, I am curious as to whether the large e-mail would
reach Stephen Turnbull at Tsukuba since he has problems with the
web archive listing.

"Knowledge is the air and light of civilization.  Transform it and you
transform all else."
Craig Oda	
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