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Re: tlug: list admin

tlug note from "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>

>>>>> "Craig" == C Oda <> writes:

    Craig> I've added a variable to the Subject line of all notes sent
    Craig> to so that the Subject will read

    Craig> 	TLUG: "whatever the author's subject was"

This is useful.  It is also useful to add a sequence number (I assume
Majordomo will do that).  In that way, you can do simple threading by
searching subjects for "TLUG 123".  I prefer lower-case ("tlug") but
will go with majority opinion and/or maintainer's fiat :-)

    Craig> I've also prepended 

    Craig> ---------------------------------------------
    Craig> 	tlug note from "sender"
    Craig> ---------------------------------------------

This is not very useful, it just adds four more lines to the text.
This is what headers are for.

Just for fun (don't you dare implement this!):  what you could do is
write a script computing posts sent over the last month.  If it's
greater than 10, then the header will say "10th post from in 30 days.  My, what a talkative fellow!"
If it's greater than 10% of all posts received, it would continue
"That's 14% of all posts this month!  Why don't you pipe down and let
someone else talk?"

    Craig> The purpose of the changed subject line is to help TLUGers
    Craig> identify a TLUG list message from work related mail by the
    Craig> subject line.

I already do this by saving to a separate folder.  What is useful
about this even for me is when something gets misfiled, I can easily
find it with glimpse.

    Craig> In particular, I am curious as to whether the large e-mail
    Craig> would reach Stephen Turnbull at Tsukuba since he has
    Craig> problems with the web archive listing.

This should be no problem.  The web archive times out on me; this is
not a problem with email since email goes by bucket brigade (if the
direct connection fails, it will try MX records).

I'm trying it, but majordomo replied immediately with a "will send by
separate message".

I'll let you know (Craig directly) if it doesn't work.


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