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mule-canna source site

I'm not sure where Stephen got the mule source from, but there
was a note to a mule-canna site in the Debian distribution 
doc.  It looks like there is a patch for emacs at
I do understand the logic in trying to avoid the patch and 
getting it to work with Xim though.  That would be cooler.



This is Debian GNU/Linux's prepackaged version of
a multilingual enhancement to GNU Emacs.

This package was put together by me, Yoshiaki Yanagihara
<>, from the GNU sources and mule patch,
which I obtained from:
(emacs)	prep.gnu:/gnu/emacs-19.34b.tar.gz

The changes were very minimal
- merely adding support for the Debian package maintenance scheme, by
adding various debian/* files.

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