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FYI (MuLaw)

I picked this off comp.os.linux.announce and thought you might want to look.



             MuLaW - The Multi Language Web Authoring System

This is the first announcement for MuLaW v0.3, a non-WYSIWYG authoring
system for web sites and HTML page hierarchies. It addresses three
major problems that occur in more sophisticated Web information

- - Multilingual information presentation. MuLaW handles links between
the languages in a sophisticated way. MuLaW can handle any language
and any number and combination of them.

- - Hierarchical information presentation. Links to parent or related
pages are handled pseudo-automatically.

- - Unified layout. Layout information can be centralized for a whole
page hierarchy or parts of it.

MuLaW takes an enhanced HTML as input. It produces pure HTML files.
MuLaW is a browser-independent and server-independent stand-alone
program. MuLaW itself does not need any special capabilities in
browser or server.

MuLaW is completely written in Java, so you need the JDK to work with
it.  For now, MuLaW does only run on Unix versions of the Java Virtual

MuLaW is licensed under the GPL.

MuLaW can be found through the following URLs:

MuLaW homepage:

Newest version:

Other versions:[version].tar.gz

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