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-SPARC Linux Machines-

   The company I work for is scrapping a couple of low-end Sun SLC
   workstations which no longer have the horsepower to run Solaris
   *and* applications at the same time. Jim Tittsler can confirm
   (as can I) that SPARC-Linux runs quite happily on these machines.
   My boss has agreed to let me make these available to TLUG
   members and the company is kindly donating them.

   These are monochrome machines (the CPU board is built into the back
   of the monitor housing) and do NOT have internal floppy or hard
   disks. They do have ethernet, RS232/422 and SCSI interfaces and I
   also have a number of old (but functional) 327MB 5.25" SCSI disks to
   go with them (for those who know Sun hardware, these are "shoebox"
   and "Pbox" units).

   o  What the systems will do:-

	They will run SPARC Linux.

	They will run X11R6.

   o  What they wont do:-

	They will never run D*S, W*nd*ws or any other M*cr*s*ft OS that
	I'm aware of. These are SPARC machines.

	They will NOT come preloaded with any sort of Sun OS or any

   o  What I will do:-

	I'll ship these beasties "chakubarai(?) takyubin" (i.e. COD)
	if you can't pick them up (Akasaka). Shipment might be 
	a little erratic, as I have to wait for cartons to come free
	for packing.

   o  What I wont do:-

	I'm *not* going to clean them.  These are second hand units
	which were in continuous use until a few days ago. They are
	mostly on the grubby side of unkempt. :-)

	I'm not going to provide any after service or spare parts.

	I'm not going to load Linux for you unless there are really
	exceptional circumstances.

   Semi-legal spluttering on my part... The company I work for is
   donating these machines to TLUG. I'm making an effort to ensure
   that the disks work and that they are cleaned of all data (including
   commercial OS) before they go out. The only thing that I require
   of prospective users is that they undertake to delete any OS or data
   which I might have somehow overlooked (with the express exception
   of freely distributable SPARC Linux). You don't agree... you don't
   get one.

   Please reply specifically to "" rather than bothering
   the whole list with this traffic.


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