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Re: -SPARC Linux Machines-


   A big apology to everyone on the list, especially those who sent me
   email on the subject line above. I'm afraid I've been totally out of
   it over the past few days.
   I've had (from personal experience in both instances) what, a few
   years back in the U.K., we would have classified as "Asian Flu". I
   want to stress that this isn't "kaze" (although I know that word
   tends to cover just about everything here that doesn't involve
   broken bones). There's no coughing or sneezing or runny noses
   involved's not as pleasant as that!

   If you begin to suffer headaches, pain behind the eyes, a slightly
   elevated temperature, occasional chills and dizziness, then you 
   probably have about 24 hours to get to a doctor while you're still
   mobile. This is a *nasty* one! Go to the doctor, I mean it!  :-/

   Anyway, on the SPARC front, there's good news and bad news. The
   good news is that there are more machines available than I first
   thought. The bad news is that many more people have replied, so
   we still have a shortage. In addition, I'm not at work (where the
   systems are) or likely to be back before next week, so I'm afraid
   shipping will be on the slow side.

   What I'm going to do is allocate on a first-come, first-served
   basis, with the order of emails received deciding it. I hope
   everyone agrees with this method. I'll contact *everyone* who
   replied in due course, but please don't expect email (or me) to be
   reliable over the next few days.


   Thought for today: Stay clear of strangers wearing bicycle clips!

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