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Re: Who needs ISDN?

> Maybe you do; maybe I don't.  Gotta support your family, you know.
> (Note the original sender :-)  Check this out!  

Costs for ISDN in the US are based on time.  Analog is based on
a flat rate per month.  There is also more expense in the U.S.
getting an ISDN line compared to an analog line.

In Japan, the costs of installing and using ISDN are roughly the
same as for an analog.  Usage charges are the same if you use
only one B-channel at 64Kbps.  Connection times are faster
since you don't have the handshaking process that a modem has.
You can also receive incoming calls on the other B-Channel
so that the rest of your family members can talk on the phone while
you do research on Linux over the net.  The TAs are getting to
be around 20,000 to 30,000 yen so they are comparable to a modem.
Installation charge of an ISDN line are the same as an analog phone line.

In Japan, I don't see any advantage to using legacy analog lines.



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