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tutor wanted

I am about to venture into new territory on my Sun Sparc 10 at home, and 
it gets rather lonely. 
I was wondering if anyone out there would be kind enough to help me thru 
some steps.
Here is what I am planning to do at some stage in the future:
1) Set up NIS and NFS (using Linux and Sun)
2) Reconfigure the kernel, (and figure out how to add pathes)
3) Set up CNEWS (via to work with Pine)

I am willing to pay, and provide Pizzas/coffee for the experience.
The books are good as far as they go, but as I soon found out..
when you get stuck you really need somoene who has been thru it before.
For example, setting up NIS was supposed to be real easy, but I could not 
find some of the commands.

My computer room has the following machines:
386/4megs... running Linux and uucp
486/16megs...running W95+linux on one of the HD partitions
Sun Sparc10 (recent addition)
All connected by 10baseT

Many thanks

	Anil Bhatia
	3-10-19 Shimo Shinjo, Nakahara ku, Kawasaki Shi, Japan T211
	Tel:044 798 5401
	Fax:044 798 7665

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