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Re: Debian/Laptops n'stuff

% Also, the dselect utility is not that easy to use.

   I actually found "dselect" so *counter* intuitive that I gave up...
   I loaded just the minimum system and then used the command line
   interface to their package tool (dpkg?) to add everything else. It
   was much easier.

   I was just looking at Debian again earlier today as a possible
   answer to loading a Toshiba system with the dreaded 1.2MB floppies.
   RedHat definitely needs 1.44MB diskettes, but Debian has a 1.2MB set
   intended (I assume) for 5.25 inch drives. Anyway, the boot disk
   worked fine, but the "root" disk gave errors and bombed. It's
   probably going to be easier to pop the hard drive into another
   system (which is how I loaded it the first time round) than to fool
   around with the 1.2MB drive.

% Since I'm using a laptop with minimal space and RAM, I'm not sure
% that I want to even install X on it...

   One way I had thought might be a nice way to use a laptop (because
   of it's minimal power requirements) would be as a 24/7/365 FAX
   machine (in addition to it's normal use in the home office). Does
   anyone have this sort of setup? I'm interested in what laptops
   people are using and, in reference to this specific application,
   whether anyone has "silent-answer" working with dual purpose (FAX &
   data) modems here in Japan?


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