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ISP Local Dialup - Re: Re[2]: Am I unreasonable?

% GOL is still 35,000/year, so TWICS's 20,000/year beats that (Craig
% Oda, do you guys provide this service?)

   Yes Craig, I'd be predisposed to use TWICS too (because of their
   support for this list, as well as their prices), if they provided
   this nationwide "local" dialup service. For us folks living
   out in the sticks (Atsugi in my case), the lack of a local dialup
   number is a major disadvantage.

   Any hope of seeing this introduced in ther very near future?


------------------------------<excerpt from GOL>-----------------------------
ALL JAPAN ACCESS********************************************************* 
 If you do not live within easy calling distance of one of Global OnLine's
 local access points, be sure to enquire about Teleway Japan's ALL JAPAN 
 ACCESS. Rates 20, 10 or 9 yen a minute depending on time of day, and no 
 NTT costs. Call or fax us for an enrolment package!

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rate Internet access with no time charges.  Full line of corporate
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