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Re: Old 386s, Solaris x86, SCO, NT

% What I had in mind here was at the user level or daily sysadmin
% level.

   "bash" isn't shipped standard with either SunOS or Solaris, so the
   user environment would be a little different. log files are in
   different places (/var/adm/messages rather than /var/log/messages).
   Methods for initializing the ethernet interfaces are different and
   generally speaking quite a few of the configuration files under 
   /etc are pretty much unique to Linux (gpm.conf, lilo.conf, etc).

   A user isn't really going to see too much difference between Solaris
   and Linux (probably nothing that a change of ${PATH} wont cure), but 
   a sysadmin is going to have a more difficult time of it.

%     John>    However, specific to printing, Solaris uses the dreaded
%     John> lpNet and lpsched rather than BSD's lpd.
% Is this a change from SunOS?

   It's a major change and a major pain. The printcap file disappears
   and most of the commands used to administer printers (lpadmin, 
   lpsystem, lpstat, lpsched, lpusers, lpshut, lpfilter) are the 
   products of seriously deranged minds. :^)

   SunSoft brought out their own "Solstice" print software about a
   year ago which admittedly has improved things (I can actually print
   things without hanging the system now), but there are still problems
   when there are a large number of printers which need to be accessible
   from the system.


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