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Re: Applixware

Thanks to Alan Price for the reference to K.K. Ashisuto.

It seems that there is no Japanese version of Applixware for Linux.
Ashisuto does not currently have plans to port to any PDS Unix.

He said that Japanese Applixware runs on most SysV systems, and also
mentioned Sun which I believe is BSDish.  Does anybody have any
experience with the iBCS package?  Theoretically it might work, but
Applixware looks like it would probably place heavy demands on such a
compatibility package.

So I'm just going to go ahead and get the English version for now;
there's another budget deadline at the end of January and I'm sure
I'll still be looking for ways to spend money that don't amount to
burning it or putting it in my pocket :-(  (Or _yours_ for that
matter; that's GRAFT! So don't ask, I'd love to but ... I don't wnat
to end up "Man of the Year" like Okamitsu-san!!)  If at that point I
have the time to spend !@#$%ing with iBCS, I may give the Japanese
version a shot.


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