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RE: Applixware

On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, Price, Alan wrote:

pricea>Actually we were running a full Japanese version of applix on an English
pricea>SunOS machine.  If I recall this 
pricea>required me to install the fonts (all supplied by K.K. Asushita) and
pricea>when a user started the process there was another front end process for
pricea>the kana/kanji from English keyboard.  It seemed to work pretty well but
pricea>I'm pretty sure there was another version as well which was built for
pricea>Japanese OS.

Problems with Japanese input under stuff like Netscape and
Mosaic result from the lack of the Motif text widget under
Linux.  Solaris and HP machines have Motif, so the input
method is different.  

I'll contact Applixware and confirm that the Japanese support
works under Linux.


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