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Re: Printing Japanese

% > I also recall that for some reason multiple instances of the daemon
% > would appear in ps aux.  This doesn't happen now, and I don't know why 
% > it did.
% This happens after I try to print and a file is queued.

   This is normal. Lpd spawns children to handle the individual queues.
   You should be able to run a trace on the child process and see what's
   happening (usually it will loop, waiting for some condition to clear).

% the spool files get stored in /var/spool/lpd.  This is not
% what I have specified in the printcap.  Also, the lock, lpd.lock,
% status and .seq automaticlaly get created in /var/spool/lpd.
% All the files are set correctly in /var/spool/lpd/myprinter/

   Restart the parent process under trace. It should read the printcap
   file and spawn a child for each valid printer entry it finds. The
   child will die off if there's nothing in the queue for that device.

   The error file should give you some idea of what's wrong.


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