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Re: Printing Japanese

>>>>> "John" == John Little <> writes:

    >> > I also recall that for some reason multiple instances of the
    >> > daemon would appear in ps aux.  This doesn't happen now, and
    >> > I don't know why it did.
    >> This happens after I try to print and a file is queued.

    John>    This is normal. Lpd spawns children to handle the
    John> individual queues.  You should be able to run a trace on the
    John> child process and see what's happening (usually it will
    John> loop, waiting for some condition to clear).

Well, it *wasn't* normal when it happened to me.  I did have two lpd's
when the queue was stuck, but I also observed the problem when the
queue was empty (eg, immediately after reboot---I can't say for sure
that there weren't print jobs hanging around, but I usually cleaned
them up when they didn't work; that's the obvious first step).  As I
say, I don't know what caused the behavior or recall how I fixed it.
It does suggests something odd/buggy about old lpd's.

I do remember monkeying with permissions in /dev, and maybe with links
there, and rm -rf'ing the spool directories.  I can't remember if I
rebuilt the lpd suite (I don't think so), and it may have happened
when I converted to ELF.

If John's recommendations about setting the trace don't help, I'd
suggest either upgrading to new binaries, or rebuilding from source.


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