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Re: Printing Japanese

> I had some problems with lpd, with very similar symptoms.  I don't
> remember how I fixed it; I think that I simply lprm'd everything I
> could, and then killed the daemon, rm -rf'd all the /var/spool/lp*
> (more violent than necessary, but I wanted the system to know who was
> boss ;-), recreated the relevant spool directory, and restarted the
> daemon.  I think there was something screwy in the status and or lock
> files.  Note that it could be either the lpd.lock file or the
> printer-specific lock file that might be screwy.

hmm, tried the above and it didn't work for me... :-(  I want to

> I also recall that for some reason multiple instances of the daemon
> would appear in ps aux.  This doesn't happen now, and I don't know why 
> it did.

This happens after I try to print and a file is queued.

> You haven't done something silly like I did, which was to compile lp
> support as a module and then not load it?  (I guess not since
> ">/dev/lp1" works, but you never can tell.)

I didn't compile with module support.  catting to /dev/lp1 works

The baffling thing for me is that although my /etc/printcap is:

# /etc/printcap

the spool files get stored in /var/spool/lpd.  This is not
what I have specified in the printcap.  Also, the lock, lpd.lock,
status and .seq automaticlaly get created in /var/spool/lpd.

All the files are set correctly in /var/spool/lpd/myprinter/

This is very puzzling...  Anyway, thanks for the feedback.  If
something pops into someone's head on a long train ride, let me


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