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Re: Netscape 3.0

>>>>> "Shige" == Shige Abe <> writes:

    Shige> How do I get buttons in web pages to display in Japanese?
    Shige> Text is displayed perfectly, but buttons just show
    Shige> "garbage".

As Darren says, it should work.  Have you tried it under MS Explorer?
(No, I haven't.)  However ... if he's wrong about "Fixed" and
"Proportional" fonts being different (and for my money he is; I'll bet
that buttons are not browser widgets, but rather button widgets, so
their font resources are probably different):

Go look in /usr/local/lib/netscape/ and see if you can
customize the button fonts.  It's a Motif app, you ought to be able to
get everything to customize, right down to the shape of the third
pixel from the right in the third scan line of the title bar.  I wish
I could give you a pointer to where in the widget hierarchy they'd
live, but....  You could try using Netscape*font: k14 or whatever, but
that's probably not recommended as it will do rather funny things to
your menus and everything else....  I wouldn't be surprised if getting
those buttons right destroyed your toolbar labels.

I haven't been able to get Netscape 3.0 to run (haven't tried too
hard, I'm a text-oriented kinda guy, Mule + w3.el + xv is almost good
enough for me; pages load much faster without all those stupid
pictures ;), but there might be new options specifically for non-page-
oriented widgets in the Preferences menus.  Probably under Network/
Colors/Mail Headers, unless they've gotten around to rationalizing the
Preference menu hierarchy :-(

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