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ldocglue, linuxdoc and html

I have been writing some documentation and office memos in SGML
using linuxdoc.  I like the structured document format and 
the ability to convert to ascii, html, latex, and PostScript. 
One problem I had was with the sgml2html converter breaking
the document up into seperate files for each section.  This
makes archived html difficult to print and fax.  

I explained this problem to Jim Tittsler and he was kind enough
to produce ldocglue.

This is a copy of the TWICS Software Map (shamelessy copied
the format from the LSM).

                        TWICS Software Map

Title:          ldocglue        
Version:        1.0
Entered-date:   August 9, 1996
Description:    Perl 5 script that glues together the seperate HTML
                files that are produced from the Linuxdoc sgml2html
                program.  In the html directory, do 
                ldocglue inputfile.html outputfile.html
Keywords:       linuxdoc, documentation, sgml, html 
Author:         Jim Tittsler   
TWICS-Directory:       /unix/linux/utils/text/
Platforms:      Linux, and other systems with Perl 5

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