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chat and an unexpected EOF

Hi all,

Many moons ago Jim Tittsler wrote:
>P.S.  If you are planning to blow away DOS, you would be better
>off using a native Linux file system (like ext2) instead of UMSDOS.
>The performance difference is noticeable.

Well, I finally got around to blowing away DOS and reinstalling Slackware
3.0 on an ext2 partition. In comparison, Linux now screams on the old 486:-)

Something strange happened though. The same chat script that used to work
now doesn't. I must have forgotton something, but I'm at a loss?!#$%&

It returns:

./ppp: unexpected EOF while looking for '''
./ppp: ./ppp: line 5: syntax error

Any ideas on what I missed? 

BTW PPP works fine. I wrote a log in script for seyon and a shell script to
fire up pppd so getting on the net's only a little mendokusai.
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