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Re: Nihongo Java sites?

On Tue, 16 Jul 1996, Steve Myers wrote:

> I don't know of any Java applets that use Japanese text, but I've been
> trying to do a kanji-learning game just using gifs for the kanji characters.
> Check out an early version at

Gee, I now realize just how bad my Japanese really is.  That was
a pretty neat demo.  It loaded real fast over ISDN.

Re: fvwm

I've been playing around more with my .fvwmrc file.  Thanks to an
article in the August Linux Journal, I figured out how to use shortcut
keys for items within a menu:

      |  Netscape    |
      |  ~           |

 Popup "Applications"
   Title "Apps"
   Exec  "&Netscape"   exec netscape &


Now if I press an Alt-F3 combination, my Application Popup menu
opens, then when I press "n" netscape opens.


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