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Re: PPP connection question

On Tue, 16 Jul 1996, Ken King wrote:

> I am unable to get ppp to connect with my ISP (Twics).  I have a 
> chat script which dials and connects, but pppd returns the following
> error "pppd[295]: LCP: timeout sending config requests".  I am not sure
> at what point the chat script should hand control back to diald in order
> to start pppd.  I have tried terminating the script after the modem connects, 
> after receiving the first newline character, and after receiving the Twics
> "(1-3,q)" prompt.

You have to login with PAP.  If you are getting the prompt, the
script you are using is not using PAP.  

I have not used ppp in a long time since I switched over to
ISDN   :-)  

This is the script I used to use:

/usr/etc/pppd connect '/usr/etc/chat "" ATDT53617270 " "' +ua 
/home/craig/twics-passwd defaultroute : /dev/modem 19200 crtscts :

At the time, the +ua would indicate the use of PAP, the twics-passwd
should be a file with permissions set to 600 with:

	# chmod 600 twics-passwd

The file consists of your username and password, one per line.

If you have problems getting connecting, send me e-mail directly   We love Linux users on our system.  :-)   :-)

I'll hook up a test machine serial port on my system.  Tell me what
kernel and pppd you are using so I can recreate that thrill, that fun
and excitement of ppp and Linux....  ahhh natsukashi... I remember
when Nori used to send me the kernel patches by e-mail.


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