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Re: Empress DataWEB on Linux

> I was cruising through the Linux Journal when I noticed a half-page
> advertisment for EMPRESS DataWEB ( for Linux.
> Evidently, the president of the company is pretty genki about Linux.
> He came over and gave me a copy of EMPRESS RDBMS for Linux to 
> demo to the club.  (We need a room for the next meeting.. volunteers??)
> EMPRESS is pretty cool and came with some nifty features that Postgress 
> '95 didn't have.  Anyway, we bought a copy of it for the HP and will
> probably resell it.  The Linux version goes for something like $149 in
> the U.S.
I am interested to know more about the EMPRESS RDMS and EMPRESS DataWEB.
The EMPRESS RDBMS is available at PLAT'HOME, Kanda Tokyo (LINUX version)
but they seem to nothing about the DataWEB. Can any one tell me where I 
can get (or buy it) inside JAPAN.
Thanks in advance  

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