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Empress DataWEB on Linux

I was cruising through the Linux Journal when I noticed a half-page
advertisment for EMPRESS DataWEB ( for Linux.

Evidently, the president of the company is pretty genki about Linux.
He came over and gave me a copy of EMPRESS RDBMS for Linux to 
demo to the club.  (We need a room for the next meeting.. volunteers??)
EMPRESS is pretty cool and came with some nifty features that Postgress 
'95 didn't have.  Anyway, we bought a copy of it for the HP and will
probably resell it.  The Linux version goes for something like $149 in
the U.S.

Re: Cheap RAM

Any Linuxers tired of disk swap might want to consider a RAM upgrade
from our partners, PC-Zen (

	16 MB EDO RAM SIMM (60ns, 72pins) -- 14,000 yen/unit 
	32 MB ED0 RAM SIMM (60ns, 72pins) -- 24,000 yen/unit
	(prices include shipping to anywhere in Japan)

There is online ordering or contact Jun (bilingual) for more info:
	Tel: 045-435-3900
	Fax: 045-401-7991

I'm using 32 megs of RAM now and it is a lot faster than the 16 meg
unit I used to have.  I just shipped my dad an extra 16 megs for his
home unit and he seemed pretty genki after that.

I've just got my new monitor, so I'm back on Linux using RedHat and
the new version of xfig which can output jpeg without have to manually
use filters.


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