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Net Providers for Interop?

  I'm interested in working with some of you who are ISP's in Tokyo.  We're
preparing for Interop Tokyo, and I'm planning to have a Intranet, as well as
stations setup for browsing through E2 and possibly and E3 line to the
states from Makuhari.

Let me know if you're an ISP and interested.  We can provide a lot of
exposure for your company, maybe default some stations to your signup pages,
but we'd want some support during the show and for setup.

Our main focus is to show ATM 25, ATM 155, and Fast Ethernet (Adaptec just
acquired Cogent ( running very fast.

We'd like to see Intranet apps with live video, and bandwidth intensive
plug-ins.  We'll also be sending and receiving video on the Interop backbone.

If this interests you, email me at my work email address:, or here at

sorry for the non linux content, but I know there are at least a couple of
good Tokyo ISP people here.

BTW, Linux running *may* be a possibility.  Haven't yet checked if Cogent
has Linux ethernet drivers (or is it vice versa ;))


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