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I'm signing off for the day (probably).  I just wanted to thank Rainer
again for pointing me toward the shareware product Wingz.  It
is *exactly* what I need.  I've used it less than an hour and
already I have managed to create a sample profit-loss statement,
add formulas, graph results within the spreadsheet, and add 
abitrary graphics and headers.  It is full WYSIWYG, a feature
important for financial reports.  I have printed the results to
my HP 4ML and it looks very nice.  I can also output 
the numeric data into an ascii file for inclusion in other reports
or for parsing and massaging by a script.  

For those of you waiting to try Wingz, don't hesitate.  It is a full-blown
spreadsheet / financial analysis tool that is at least as good as
Excel and possibly better.  I have not looked at the client server or
scripting features yet, so I can't give an evaluation.  (Finance??))  anyway
         you should be able to find it.


		     Craig Oda   
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