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Hangul and Chinese Works

Cool, since Netscape had some options for Hangul and Chinese
I gave it a try and it works.  I selected EUC-Ch and EUC-Kr 
for Chinese and Korean respectively.  I could not display BIG-5 which I 
think is used in Taiwan.  This is kind of zannen because Taiwan makes
a lot of equipment that would be relevant to many people's job.
Might give us more incentive to learn Chinese.  I don't know
about Korean though, it looks really incomprehensible.  I'm
looking at some hangul home page now and I can read zero.
The characters come out okay, but there is no Kanji.    At least
with Chinese you can usually piece together about 2 percent or
5 percent of the text, enough to know what the subject is.

This is a pretty neat toy.  TWICS has a holiday today, so that's
why I can play.  :-)


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