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Japanese Netscape Works!

Version 2.02b of Netscape works with Japanese.  This is pretty much
plug and play from the base standard (non-JE) distribution.  I am
running it on a standard X-Server with no problem.  This is actually
better than the Mac which requires you to either run Kanji Talk
or install the Japanese Language Kit.  With standard Linux and standard
Netscape, every user has access to Japanese webs, helping to
bring the Japanese net community closer to the rest of the world.
This calls for a post to the Electronic Frontiers Japan list.

Steve, tell me how to print..  onegaishimasu....  ;-)

Yes! One less reason to use the Mac..  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)  


		     Craig Oda   
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              *   Includes 64Kbps dialup ISDN access   *
     phone: +81-3-3351-5977   fax: 81-3-3353-6096
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