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re: Spreadsheet for Linux

  I admire you for sticking with a native linux app for spreadsheets.

However, if you do end up using Mac or PC, consider Eudora e-mail client on 
the mac or pc with pop3 server on your linux box for easy transferring of 

BTW, was in Calif. yesterday, picked up 2 72 pin 4mb modules, but my mylex 
486 pc only has 2 72 pin slots (used) and 3 empty slots that are smaller.  
Does anyone know if T-zone or anywhere sells 36 (or whatever the smaller 
size is) to 72 pin SIMM adapters?  Thanks.


Ted Matsumura, Adaptec Japan Ltd. 
ATM Program Manager, InterNetworking Technology (INTO)
phone: 03-5276-8433, Fax (03) 5276-9364 
Original Text
>From, on 11/10/95 11:06 AM:

I am using Linux in the office.  I find it excellent for e-mail,
writing documentation, prototyping programs, and debugging
equipment.  I really prefer LaTeX to MS Word and am totally
biased against the Mac.  

Recently, I have started to do financial projections with the use
of a spreadsheet.  I have used both sc and xspread.  It can be done,
but it is quite tedious.  I can't get either to work consistently and
the functions seem quite limited.  In xspread I can't get the edit
function of labels to work and I can't format a range a cells.  There
are some other inconsistencies in sc.  I've printed out the full
PostScript docs for xspread and have gone through them.  The docs
are okay and xspread is okay, but I want more.

I could admit defeat and do the calculations on a Mac, but then I have
the more serious problem of having to import my data into an e-mail
message or TeX document from the Mac into my Linux box.  I can do this
in a variety of ways.  However, none are elegant.  What I want is
something that runs under Linux, not DosEmu or Executor, and can do
the work.  

So my question is, how does everyone else meet their spreadsheet
requirements?  I know everyone must have to work out budgets or 
data calculations at some time.  If I stick to xspread is there
a light at the end of the tunnel?  Is there something better?


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