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Re: And as long as I'm here ... some general Linux talk

>>>>> "Nori" == Andrew N Nishigaya <> writes:

    Nori> If any of you are looking for a database solution, I suggest
    Nori> taking a look at postgres95.  Lots of power, but not as big
    Nori> as its older brother POSTGRES - it is slimmed down and is
    Nori> much faster.  AND -- *AND* -- the query language is now
    Nori> standard SQL!  (SQL-92, as far as I can tell) MSQL is great
    Nori> for light stuff, but it is unstable.  Now it is Christmas
    Nori> time with a powerful *SQL* database I can use in my linux
    Nori> box.  It is also kind of object oriented.  You can do things
    Nori> like,

Which version?  The Linux Developer's CD has beta-0.02.  Do you have
something more recent?

    Nori> I'll shut up now and get back to playing with postgres.


                            Stephen J. Turnbull
Institute of Socio-Economic Planning                         Yaseppochi-Gumi
University of Tsukuba            
Tennodai 1-1-1, Tsukuba, 305 JAPAN       

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