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Re: [Q] Japanese TeX

In article <>,
Craig Oda <> wrote:
> The reason I switched over to LaTeX2HTML was that I was
> unable to display graphics, forms and imagemaps in either
> PostScript of HTML format when I used linuxdoc-sgml.  

Thanks for the mention of LaTeX2HTML.  I've just fetched it
and it looks interesting although I'm not sure I'm ready to
switch.  My output is still paper, and I have been using the
linuxdoc-SGML and QWERTZ stuff as an alternative way of entering
LaTeX text.  I've been finding it easier to type the <> SGML
entities and give my backslash key a rest.

I've been using the linoxdoc-sgml-1.2 stuff for some documentation,
and did one of the more complicated documents in the QWERTZ
format that the linuxdoc-sgml stuff was derived from.  (QWERTZ is
availble in the directory.)  It allowed easy
inclusion of a couple of encapsulated PostScript figures on the
LaTeX version... but I didn't worry about producing an HTML version.


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