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Fujitsu 230MB MO drive not recognized

I've got a Fujitsu 230MB MO drive internal hanging off my AMI Fast
SCSI-2 controller (Linux thinks it's a Buslogic controller).  Linux
does not recognize it when the drive is in MO mode, and thinks it's a
third hard drive when the jumpers are set for hard drive emulation.

Anybody know anything about SCSI MO drives?  I will try telling Linux
the AMI SCSI board is an Adaptec 1542 or maybe even a 1742 if there's
no other solution, but that will mean a moderate performance hit.  If
it's not too dangerous, I could also use it in HD emulation mode, but
I'm afraid that that would require a reboot every time I changed
media.  (Blech.)

All boards and devices are correctly jumpered, all SCSI devices
correctly terminated or not as appropriate.  Current kernel is 1.2.8.



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