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Re: [Q] Japanese TeX

At 13:45 09/10/95 +0900, Craig Oda wrote:
Hi Craig,

>I have had some success with the jdvi2kps package.  I can output
>PostScript from an existing Japanese DVI file.  For example,
>I can convert the Japanese dvi docs that can with dviout into PostScript
>and then display the Japanese with Ghostview and Japanese
>I can also save Japanese HTML files in PostScript form with
>Mosaic and then view the PostScript with GhostScript.  
Great!! I'm happy to hear about this news.

>My main problem right now is that I cannot get jlatex to
I see. Let's clear this problem.

>This is good news.  I was not aware that there was a localized
>version of the linuxdoc-sgml package.  I used the English
>version of this package for about 6 months and was very
>pleased with it.  
The jlinuxdoc-sgml 1.1 package is provided as patch files against 
linuxdoc-sgml 1.1 .
I got the patch file from .

>I have never got it to work.  Since the linux documentation
>project team has standardized on linuxdoc-sgml, I think
>it is better to use linuxdoc-sgml for Linux documentation.
>I am using LaTeX2HTML for Internet related documentation.
Yes. The XFree86 Project, inc. is also using the linuxdoc-sgml.
I'm translating docs based on XFree86 *.sgml files.
And I added "mail:" in those *.sgml docs with translation.
The (j)linuxdoc-sgml may be able to convert to html with some
pictures. Sorry, I don't tested yet.

>Perhaps Okamoto-san would like to help me on the creation
>of documentation on Japanese-capable applications running
>under Linux?  I wrote a short document some time ago.  
Please get both linuxdoc-sgml 1.1 + jlinuxdoc-sgml 1.1.
It has some known some tweak points. Please touch me.

>Unfortunately, the document I wrote is now out of date
>and is badly in need of revision.  I will be revising
>major sections of it for publication in the next issue
>of _Computing Japan_.  The document is at:
I saw this page with gif image by Netscape 1.1N (Mac Version).
This page is linking to JF Project.
I am joining to the JF Project via the JF-ML.
The jlinuxdoc-sgml made by the JF Project members.

BTW, What's the _Computing Japan_; is this a Magazine in Japan ?

>I am still having problems with jlatex.  Any suggestions?
I'm not LaTeXnician ;-). But I'll try.

>Note: Run JLaTeX two times to resolve cross-references.
Are you run "jlatex texjman.tex" two times ? 

>Document Style `jarticle' <18 Dec 88>.
It's a good indication, I think.

>It looks to me like the Japanese is not getting processed.
How about "ls -la"'s result. after two times run.
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