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    "Jim" == Jim Tittsler wrote:
    Jim> Thanks for the pointer to AUC-Tex. has an empty

I was afraid of that; I couldn't find a direct pointer, so I just
grabbed the email address of the maintainer.  Glad you found it.

    Jim> FTP directory, but I found it on one of the Japanese CTAN
    Jim> mirrors.  I had noticed that the recent update to my favorite
    Jim> JED editor had an AUC-LaTeX mode, but the documentation was
    Jim> non-existent beyond the comments in the SLANG file.  First
    Jim> glance makes it look useful.

JED is nice; but it's not real AUC-TeX mode (like lots of stuff in

>>>>> "Craig" == Craig Oda <> writes:

    Craig> Can we get a demonstration of this at the next TLUG
    Craig> meeting?  As you mentioned, the docs are kind of slim.  I
    Craig> use LaTeX under Linux almost everyday and would appreciate
    Craig> any information that would make my work more efficient.

Demo, sure.  But if you just install it, the Emacs version of AUC-TeX
is (as you'd expect) self-documenting: you can get a synopsis of
available functions with C-h m.  Furthermore, it has a menu interface
if you are running Emacs/Mule under X Windows.

For what it's worth, if you decide to experiment, here are the
relevant portion of my .emacs:

(require 'tex-site)

and /usr/local/lib/mule/site-lisp/tex-site.el:

;;; (and I'll sign off here....  Bye for now!  Steve)

;;; tex-site.el - Site specific variables.

;; Copyright notices deleted ... -- SJT

;;; Commentary:

;; This file contains variables customized for the local site.

;; It also contains all necessary autoloads, so the user can simple
;; enable AUC TeX by putting (load "tex-site") in his .emacs file,
;; or the administrator can insert it in the site-start.el file.
;; The ideal place for this file is in the `site-lisp' directory.

;;; Code:

(defvar no-doc
  "This function is part of AUC TeX, but has not yet been loaded.
Full documentation will be available after autoloading the function."
  "Documentation for autoload functions.")

;;; Customization:
;; Copy variables you need to change from the start of `tex.el' and
;; insert them here.

;; Note that I haven't moved the AUC-TeX stuff from the old Emacs
;; directory now that I've got Mule. -- SJT
(defvar TeX-lisp-directory "/usr/lib/emacs/site-lisp/auctex/"
  "*The directory where the AUC TeX lisp files are located.")

;; Change this to point to the place where the TeX macros are stored
;; at yourt site.
(defvar TeX-macro-global
  "*Directories containing the sites TeX macro files and style files.

The directory names *must* end with a slash.")

;; You may want special options to the view command depending on the
;; style options.  Only works if parsing is enabled.

(defvar TeX-view-style '(("^a5$" "xdvi %d -paper a5")
			 ("^landscape$" "xdvi %d -paper a4r -s 4")
			 ;; The latest xdvi can show embedded postscript.
			 ;; If you don't have that, uncomment next line.
			 ;; ("^epsf$" "ghostview %f")
			 ("." "xdvi -s 4 -geometry +0+0 %d"))
  "*List of style options and view options.

If the first element (a regular expresion) matches the name of one of
the style files, any occurrence of the string %v in a command in
TeX-command-list will be replaced with the second element.  The first
match is used, if no match is found the %v is replaced with the empty

;;; End of customization, the rest is generic -- SJT.

;;; Autoloads:

(or (assoc TeX-lisp-directory (mapcar 'list load-path))	;No `member' yet.
    (setq load-path (cons TeX-lisp-directory load-path)))

;; This hook will store bibitems when you save a BibTeX buffer.
(defvar bibtex-mode-hook nil)
(or (memq 'BibTeX-auto-store bibtex-mode-hook) ;No `add-hook' yet.
    (setq bibtex-mode-hook (cons 'BibTeX-auto-store bibtex-mode-hook)))

(autoload 'BibTeX-auto-store "latex" no-doc t)

;; Bind latex-help globally. 
(autoload 'latex-help "ltx-help" no-doc t)
(define-key help-map "\C-l" 'latex-help)

(autoload 'LaTeX-math-mode "ltx-math" no-doc t)
(autoload 'tex-mode "tex" no-doc t)
(autoload 'plain-tex-mode "tex" no-doc t)
(autoload 'ams-tex-mode "tex" no-doc t)
(autoload 'TeX-auto-generate "tex" no-doc t)
(autoload 'TeX-auto-generate-global "tex" no-doc t)
(autoload 'TeX-insert-quote "tex" no-doc t)
(autoload 'TeX-submit-bug-report "tex" no-doc t)
(autoload 'japanese-plain-tex-mode "tex-jp" no-doc t)
(autoload 'japanese-latex-mode "tex-jp" no-doc t)
(autoload 'japanese-slitex-mode "tex-jp" no-doc t)
(autoload 'texinfo-mode "tex-info" no-doc t)
(autoload 'latex-mode "latex" no-doc t)

(provide 'tex-site)

;;; tex-site.el ends here

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