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ELF as possible subject

Sorry for the third posting of the night.  Remember that
a digest version of this mailing list exists.  The digest
comes out once a night and has a table of contents by
subject line listing.

Anyway, since Rainer and Jim converted to ELF, I thought
that we might discuss some things about ELF.  What
are the real benefits of ELF?  Does anyone have an example
shared library?  Is Perl really faster with dynamically
loaded modules?  Has anyone gotten TkPerl to compile
under Linux?

Against the advantages of ELF, there are some problems 
associated with the conversion to ELF.  The biggest 
drawback is that the ELF Slackware is still in BETA.
This necessitates the having both a.out and ELF libs on
the Linux system.  The glaring omission from the BETA
ELF Slackware release is TeX system.  

I converted to ELF, but then erased my hard disk and installed
a fresh version of the standard Slackware from the August
InfoMagic CD-ROM.  I was having problems with the g++ compiler.
I'm sure that I would have solved this eventually, but for
a novice programmer like me, I thought that ELF would
be more trouble that it was worth.  However, the future
definitely points to ELF.

Say, did I just hear Jim volunteer to give a step by step
recount of his daring mission to boldly update his system 
to the new frontier?  If Jim volunteers, I'll give a daring
account of how I flirted with danger and ordered the 4-CD Set
and MooTiff CD-ROMS direct from the U.S. via e-mail.  I'm
still alive.  How long did it take?  What is their pre-sale
support like by e-mail?  Do they answer e-mail questions
promptly?  Are there any special considerations if the
person ordering will not be home to receive the parcel?
I'm sure that all you Linuxers want to know... :-)
stay tuned for the September TLUG meeting for more thrills
and excitement,,, and of course, all the answers...

Oh and by the way, has anyone managed to get GhostScript to
display Japanese?  I think we may do some Japanese office
documentation in TeX and I am getting a little worried...
It does work right?  dvips works okay right?


     Craig Oda      12 40 82 A8 DF DD DD 30  BB 0E 26 22 E0 D8 F2 87           Public Key: finger 
         TWICS - Japan's First Public-Access Internet System
                fax: 81-3353-6096
     Twics / IEC Building / 1-21 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160 Japan

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