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Anishi (60)

Twics can provide IP for sites that are not connected to the net.
However, I am not sure how this POP server thing works.  I can
use it from Mac and Windows with Eudora.  But how do we do it
with IP.  I think we need a domain name.  I can send e-mail from
Cow to the Internet via smail, but of course, I cannot receive.

Oh, wait, I see what you mean.. you want to use Twics' domain and
make and use the Twics DNS.   We would have to add
the line to our DNS.  I think this is different from POP.   We
currently do not add members to the IP database and cannot comment
on whether this we would do this or not.

UUCP is fairly standard.  Many services including Twics offer this
at relatively low cost.  I don't think that many places run a BBS
type system off of dialup IP.  The mail would arrive at Twics and
would not find because it was not connected.  I think
it would wait around in the mail spool until the connection


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