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JWT:  Thanx for patch49.gz.

Please continue this practice :)

1.1.48 kernel stuff:

Well it turns out Linux is cruising along.  I know Linus doesn't
tell us what's new with each version but I discovered at least one new thing
in 1.1.48 (I don't know when it appeared, but it wasn't in 1.1.45).  The
kernel now can determine the specs of a hard drive in an IBM ThinkPad
automatically.  Before I had to have a line in my lilo.conf that said
specified the disk geometry.  But 1.1.48 now reports it automatically, how
nice of it.

PCMCIA stuff:

David Hinds, the author of the PCMCIA support has been hard at work
and his latest release, 2.2, now supports PCMCIA without requiring kernel
patches (huray).  So I'm now running 1.1.48 with my PCMCIA modem, using
his loadable modules on top of Bjorn something's loadable module support.
I'm happy now :)

T-LUG stuff:

I don't think we will find out from the net if there is a pre-existing
TLUG.  I also doubt there is.  I recommed we go ahead with current plans on
the assumption there is not one.  If there is we can alter ours or join
theirs or whatever.

Linus maintenance stuff:

I recently began a new practice when installing new software on my
machines.  I'm archiving all installations so I can repeat or recompile them
if I need to.  When doing this I create a quick text file telling where
I installed what.  Fore example:

------ file begine -----
Author: David Hinds


Binaries:  /sbin/ cardmgr status probe
Edited: /etc/rc.d/rc.local to automatically init PCMCIA support
Modules: /usr/src/linux/modules/ 3c589_cs.o de650_cs.o i82365.o ibmcc_cs.o pcmci
a_core.o pcmem_cs.o serial_cs.o tcic.o
------ file ends ----

this may seems excessive, but one I archive the original source tar file
(gzipped of course) and this file I can easily see what and where I installed
it.  Trust me, it's a good idea if you need to do a complete reinstallation.
It's convienient to have Slackware but I've added about 10 or so more
application not included.
Anyway, it's just a thought, ignore it if you wish.

Seyon stuff:

Is there anyway (some config file) to tell seyon which device to use
as a default?  I alsways have to type 'seyon -modems /dev/modem' which is
actually a link from /dev/cua1.

See ya,


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