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Anishi (59)
Speaking of documentation, did you get the new Linux Network Administrator's
guide.  It is a fine book by Olaf Kirch that was just released this month
at sunsite and other places.  I have the 350 page dead tree postscript
version and it looks really good and is good reading.  I have read
more engrossing stuff, but Olaf's first language is not English and
he has put an excellent effort into the book.  The amazing thing is
that O'Reilly and Associates is going to produce a bound version of
the exact same book.  Only the diagrams and indexing will be different.
I hope this effort is successful.  It will mean a lot for the
free software movement.

You say you spent 6,800 yen for documentation that you already have.  Well
I agree that the it is better to get a bound book too.  I may buy the
documentation too even though I have everything already.

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