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Forejin (30)
Re: window managers
I am using fvwm right now.  I like it okay but I think I am going to
buy Motif for Linux.  It is $149 from Sequoia.  I have this spiffy
catalog from acc books buried around here someplace.

Re: forejin.forejin
Just to show you that it is not a universal Linux bug, I will copy
my finger here:

kingyou:/usr/lib/uucp# finger

Welcome to Linux version 1.1.23 at !


I haven't managed to compile and run .43 yet.

I don't know if resolv.conf comes into play, but here is the contents:

kingyou:/etc# more resolv.conf
nameserver     twics


I just changed my domain to and it did not matter.

I tried several other things, but it didn't help.

Try grepping the etc directory for forejin.forejin


re: antfarm.
Oh, I think I'll get it now.


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